Cody Hoyt + Lora Appleton

Lora Appleton, principal designer and kinder MODERN founder, launched the first in the Artist Rug Collection with renowned American ceramicist, Cody Hoyt. Appleton, known for award-winning geometric rugs and innovative child design, worked to skillfully interpret Hoyt’s renowned ceramic patterns as an incredible collection of bespoke luxury rugs. Made from 100% hand-tufted New Zealand wool and featuring light cutting and carving that accentuates the patterns’ subtle details and preserves their serene flow, these exceptional pieces transform the humble carpet into true art for the floor.

Appleton was particularly interested in the ways in which Hoyt’s patterns transcended material; she knew they would be just as powerful in the hand tufted wool as they are in the original clay. The complex creative process necessary to facilitate this transformation began by working with Hoyt's archive of scanned vessels and re-working the shapes and design elements to create new forms for the floor. Appleton said: “I wanted to ensure that we could get proper floor coverage, but still push the shapes of the rugs by highlighting the non-specific geometry. I wanted to honor the integrity of the original designs, yet still push the color work to ensure the same ‘kiln baked feel’ they have in the actual clay, while appearing more vibrant even in the durable singular material of the New Zealand wool. Color was the grounding element; one rug in the series has sixteen colors, which challenged our master craftsmen to realize our vision while maintaining the authenticity of the work in this new and exciting medium.” The collection appears almost other-worldly; some patterns alluding to earth’s topography or sediment, while others reference the repetitive waves of an animal’s coat.

Before transitioning to ceramics, Brooklyn-based Cody Hoyt trained as a printmaker and a painter. His process-based approach leads to fascinating and beautiful explorations in material, pattern, and color, most recently in clay. He has had two solo shows at Patrick Parrish gallery in New York City and also has been featured at the Collective design fair and Design Miami. Hoyt prides himself on his non-traditional process and takes inspiration from a wide range of art, design, and literature. As specialists in creating distinct designs that transition from functional pieces to heirloom objets d’art, kinder MODERN is thrilled to offer this engaging collection and exceptional transformation of his work.


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